Who we are

Social object

Incorporation date: September 23, 2013

1. Education for Peace, Complexity and Social Development

Contribute to the development of communities and vulnerable populations, based on knowledge management, the strengthening of citizen and social capacities, an appreciative approach, resilience, the promotion and empowerment of human rights, peaceful and safe coexistence, culture of legality and Peace, through pedagogy and the appropriation of knowledge, for the construction of Peace and democracy.

2.Legal Firm: Consulting and Legal Portfolio

Promotes the exercise and development of law and jurisprudence, in consulting, litigation and legal study with services of the highest quality, ethics and diligence in the different judicial scenarios

3. Transitional Justice

It promotes access to these instances, of the actors of armed conflicts, as part of the commitments of voluntary submission, in accordance with the criteria established in each legal and political framework.

4.Conciliation Center

It promotes alternative mechanisms in the peaceful resolution of conflicts through conciliation, economic insolvency processes, and mediation. Approved by the Ministry of Justice and Law.

Who we are
1- An academic-legal entity, oriented to specialized legal consulting in the various judicial scenarios, advising the human tissue in terms of dignity, inclusion and prospects, and scientific research.

2- Made up of interdisciplinary professionals, experts in legal study, alternative mechanisms for peaceful conflict resolution and Education for Peace.

3- Our purpose is to achieve binding coexistence scenarios that allow the well-being of society around justice, the peace process, education and community leadership.
Who we are
Provide the community with self-composing tools that allow an alternative solution to conflicts that deteriorate security and coexistence, allowing to establish community relationships, structured on the basis of principles and values.

The foundation actively participates in the construction of a culture of peace and legal study, through analysis and scientific research, prevention and management, the resolution and peaceful transformation of conflicts and differences that the community presents.
By 2030 THE LAW AND TRAINING HUMAN TISSUE FOUNDATION will be an institution that generates and produces legal and academic knowledge with a high impact on the development and restoration of the human and social fabric of the region, the country and the world, thereby seeking to obtain recognition for its leadership in the consolidation of a training process supported by systemic, complex, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and ecoformative dialogue with a view to participation in sustainability and global sustainability guarantors of the culture of peace.

The LAW & TRAINING HUMAN TISSUE FOUNDATION has its own Conciliation Center, processing of economic insolvency and mediation processes, approved by the Ministry of Justice, where all actions aimed at decongesting the administration of justice are aired.

The approach and methodology in the provision of services, facilitates the identification of the most relevant aspects, contributing to the achievement of the objectives of each proposal, based on effective planning, immediate and permanent communication with the human talent that makes possible the development of the entrusted management.

The quality control of the service offered is subject to permanent supervision, abiding by the standards previously agreed with the contracting Institution, according to needs and purposes.

Development of days of updating and training inherent to the object of the service provided in the place agreed by the contracting Institution.

ALLIANCE EDU SAS and the FOUNDATION are made up of a team of professionals, multi and interdisciplinary, highly qualified, with an outstanding and recognized trajectory in the judicial, academic and scientific research fields in the public and private sectors.

Solid commitment and identity with the philosophy of continuous improvement led by State Institutions, which is demonstrated through excellence in the provision of professional services.

Periodic presentation of newsletters on the progress of the contracted object.

La Fundación cuenta con sedes ubicadas en la Calle 100 No. 17A-36 Oficina 701 de la ciudad de Bogotá D.C., y Oficina ubicada en la Calle 12 B No. 8 A – 34 Interior 13 de Bogotá D.C..



The Foundation aims for EDUCATION FOR PEACE, through agreements with Specialized Centers in Higher Education of connoted experience and national and international significance, for which it will offer access to those interested in basic and secondary academic training, technological and higher than through human principles and values, committed to social development through quality academic and research processes, with social and business projection, courses, workshops and diplomas that allow them to assume leadership in the construction of an inclusive, innovative, creative social fabric and binding.


Promote access to TRANCISIONAL JUSTICE for the actors in armed conflicts who collaborated and financed the war, as part of the voluntary submission commitments before this jurisdiction, as civilians who did not exercise a continuous combat role. The foregoing, in accordance with the criteria established for each State in particular.


From an eminently academic context, one of the main objectives of the HUMAN AND TRAINING  TISSUE RIGHT  FOUNDATION, in agreement with the Society ALLIANCE EDU SAS, is the constitution and development of the CORPORACIÓN UNIVERSITARIA ALLIANCE, an institution of higher education under construction, an alma mater in scenarios of coexistence and peace, as a vision to develop the post-agreement of the armed conflict in Colombia that generated the peace process and the creation of the so-called transitional justice.


Accessible assistance to the administration of justice in vulnerable populations and in the less favored sectors of society, related to the solution of legal issues, in order to guarantee a dignified service to the community, which is one of the essential purposes of the State and that serves as sustenance for our Foundation.


Implement a continuous system of comprehensive training SOCIAL INCLUSION, to disseminate ethical and moral principles and values, aimed at removing and replacing bad habits and learned customs that have conditioned the character and behavior of the individual, transforming him into a new being trained to direct his life towards the achievement of his personal and family goals, in the company where he works and as a citizen who serves the community where he interacts.


Develop and strengthen the CONCILIATION CENTER of the Foundation, in addition to having excellent facilities and legal professionals with extensive experience, ethics and trajectory, guarantee an optimal quality service, in the different legal disputes, as well as guardianships, petition rights and pensions; conciliation center that makes visible various social sectors, inclusion and their participation.


Promote the exercise and development of law and jurisprudence, in consulting, litigation and legal study, through its LAWYERS ‘BUFFET offering services of the highest quality, with ethics and diligence to users who intervene before the different judicial instances, Courts, Tribunals and high courts.


The Foundation will be able to fully develop everything related in the context of real estate law and the ordinary course of its business.


Form a select work group, LAW PROFESSIONALS with extensive experience and experience in criminal, civil and commercial, constitutional, labor and public law. Peaceful termination of conflicts, conciliation, mediation, and insolvency of a natural person or merchant, arbitration. Expert criminals in the accusatory system, money laundering, extinction of domain rights, human rights, international humanitarian law and transitional justice, in the public and private sectors.


Contract with public entities of local, departmental and district, national and international order, of administrative, legislative and judicial order and private law institutions. The Foundation a non-profit institution

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