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H  U  M  A  N     T  I  S  S  U  E

The FDFTH (for its acronym in Spanish) contributes to peace and harmonious coexistence of communities through the exercise of law, ethics, training and human values as tools that allow the strengthening of individual and collective capacities for construction of the Human Tissue and the Social Tissue that allows pe
Law and Training Human Tissue Foundation

Programatic Areas

Objectives that link and complement our mission and vision

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Education for Peace, Complexity and Social Development
Legal Firm: Consulting and Legal Portfolio
Transitional Justice
Conciliation Center
First Program Area

Education for Peace

Complexity and Social Development

Contribute to the development of communities and vulnerable populations, based on knowledge management, the strengthening of citizen and social capacities, an appreciative approach, resilience, the promotion and empowerment of human rights, peaceful and safe coexistence, culture of legality and Peace, through pedagogy and the appropriation of knowledge, for the construction of Peace and democracy.

Promotes the exercise and development of law and jurisprudence, in consulting, litigation and legal study with services of the highest quality, ethics and diligence in the different judicial scenarios.

Second Program Area

Legal Firm

Consulting and Legal Portfolio

Third Program Area

Tranticional Justice

It promotes access to these instances, of the actors of armed conflicts, as part of the commitments of voluntary submission, in accordance with the criteria established in each legal and political framework.

It promotes alternative mechanisms in the peaceful resolution of conflicts through conciliation, economic insolvency processes, and mediation. Approved by the Ministry of Justice and Law.

Fourth Program Area

Conciliation Center

1 +
1 years
of experience

“ALLIANCE Universitary Corporation”

It is born from a contextual need of Colombians to face concrete social realities such as the Post-conflict issue and the need to discover and / or train social leaders.


Jesús Enrique Archila Guio

years of
educational experience

Wide and varied training spaces


Experts on each area

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Professionals in various areas of knowledge with years of experience and successful processes in Law and Training

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The Law and Training - Human Tissue Foundation​​

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