Education for Peace

Complexity and Social Development

Contribute to the development of communities and vulnerable populations, based on knowledge management, the strengthening of citizen and social capacities, an appreciative approach, resilience, the promotion and empowerment of human rights, peaceful and safe coexistence, culture of legality and Peace, through pedagogy and the appropriation of knowledge, for the construction of Peace and democracy.


  • Design, implementation and support in processes of care for vulnerable populations and communities in general for the appropriation of knowledge and knowledge.
  • Preparation, monitoring and evaluation of plans and projects for the appropriation of knowledge. aimed at national and international public and private or non-governmental entities.
  • Diagnoses, cartographies and analysis of environments facing the problems of vulnerable communities and populations that are the object of special attention and interest.
  • Implementation of pedagogical and academic models to overcome problems and for the implementation of public and private policies.
  • Design, implementation and execution of training and training processes for work teams of public and private entities in multidisciplinary matters, in person and / or virtual.
  • Training programs aimed at the continuous improvement of processes, projects or public or private policies
  • Development of methodologies, and their implementation for the development of the social fabric, the construction of Peace and citizen coexistence
  • Development of statistical models for the follow-up and monitoring of social programs or policies or issues of public or private interest
  • Research and technical studies development
  • Orientation and formation of leaders, families, and communities in general
  • Academic organization and design of seminars, workshops, conferences, symposia and other collaborative learning methods and tools for the appropriation of knowledge


Post conflict
Culture and Peace Building
Culture of legality
Leadership and empowerment
Ethics and values for Peace
Citizen culture and citizen role
Ethical and Civic Education
Democracy and participatory mechanisms
Conflict resolution, mediation and equity
Tailored training for citizen exercise
Peaceful and safe coexistence
Prevention of social risk
Prevention of recidivism
Risk mapping
Pedagogy of Peace and promotion of territorial Peace
Transformation and management of social conflicts
Strategic communications campaigns
Prevention of drug and alcohol abuse
Security and criminal policy
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