Conciliation Center

It promotes alternative mechanisms in the peaceful resolution of conflicts through conciliation, economic insolvency processes and mediation. Approved by the Ministry of Justice and Law.

Conciliation Center
Authorized by resolution 0026 of January 16, 2014
Ministry of Justice and Law, Code 1414


Develop and strengthen the CONCILIATION CENTER of the Foundation, in addition to having excellent facilities and legal professionals with extensive experience, ethics and trajectory, guarantee an optimal quality service, in the different legal disputes, as well as guardianships, petition rights and pensions; conciliation center that makes visible various social sectors, inclusion and their participation.

It is an alternative mechanism for the resolution of civil, family or commercial conflicts, with the participation of a conciliator who will promote dialogue in order to reach a final agreement WITHOUT GOING TO TRIAL

What's a Conciliation?

Advantages of an extrajudicial conciliation

  • Find a quick solution to conflicts
  • Lower cost to a judicial process
  • The agreements reached constitute an executive title before the judiciary

Reconcilable Matters

  • Evictions
  • Grant of deed
  • Obligations to give, do and not do
  • Debt payment
  • Compensation
  • Breach of contracts
  • Rectification of areas
  • Offer of payments
  • Division and partition of assets
  • Granting of public deed
  • Resolution and termination of contracts
  • Rent payment
  • Food
  • Sales regime
  • Tenure
  • Liquidation of the livestock company
  • Others that derive from a family relationship
  • Declaration of de facto marital union



  • Calle 100 No. 17A-36 Oficina 701, Bogotá – Colombia
  • Calle 12B # 8A-34 interior 13, Bogotá – Colombia
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